Enable Gzip To Speedup the Loading time

Mod_deflate is an apache module that can be used to compress data using gzip compression before sending it to the user. For bandwidth intensive websites, using this feature can offer a benefit, as the server is compressing data before sending it you will be using less bandwidth. The major drawback to using mod_deflate, however, is that the server may need to use more resources to compress each file and this, in turn, can cause performance issues on older servers. As our HostingĀ 
included unlimited bandwidth, using mod_deflate to reduce bandwidth usage is not usually a concern for users.

If The data are compressed the page loading speed will be increased. You can enable the compression from cPanel > Software > Optimize Website

Check on the Radio Button: Compress "ALL" Content and Click on Update settings.

If you have any issue please don't hesitate to contact us we are happy to assist you anytime.
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