How to protect your cPanel/WHM from hackers ?

- Don't Save your Password in Browsers
- Use Secure browser Google chrome for better security as it will bypass most of the Botnets, Grabbers, Stealers
Don't use any Pirated contents as it may contain Security holes
Kindly Change your configuration files (Which contains your Site DB Details Ex wp-config.php) of your CMS to File Permission 400 Secure permission which can be read-only by Owner
Change all your password Monthly Once
Check your account file manager for any unwanted files and remove it (Malware/Files which is not Uploaded by You)
Don't download any attachments you got from unknown person's like PDF Invoices/Purchase order as it will be harmful to your PC/Laptops (Malwares are exploited into PDF)
Don't respond to any emails which are requesting for your Passwords
Install Anti-Virus programs on your PC/Laptop for better security
- Enable Two Factor Authentication for your cPanels
- If you think your cPanel has any Malwares file you can do a scan from cPanel > Virus scanner
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