Migration of cPanel/WHM From other Servers

How to Migrate a cPanel from one server to another server without Root access over FTP?

Migration process :
1. Server "A"
2. Server "B"

If you want to migrate the cPanel accounts from Server "A" to Server "B" Follow the below steps :

1.Login to your Server "B" WHM and create a cPanel with domain "backupacct.in" Once account created Goto cPanel > FTP Account and create an FTP User
2.Login to your Server "A" WHM and Goto the cPanel account in which you need to migrate. cPanel > Backup Wizard > Full Backup > Remote File Transfer Now enter the FTP Details created in Server "B" Enter your Email for Notification once the backup has been completed.

Once your Backup has been completed just contact us with the Directory where the backup is uploaded in Remote FTP We will restore it using cpmove tool from our end

Note: Kindly don't upload the backup files in account root. Our Server will perform cleanup every week once to delete the backup files.
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