How to Create an Add-On Domain

This tutorial will guide you step by step on how to use and set up an Addon domain in cPanel. 

So what is an Addon Domain?

An Addon domain is a separate domain from your main account domain. This gives you multiple accounts in the same cPanel account/space.

Adding your Addon Domain

If you want the Addon domain to go live as soon as you add the Addon domain make sure the domains DNS settings are updated to point to the details found in your 'Account Information' email. 

This tutorial will assume that you are logged into your cPanel. You can access cPanel from your client portal by selecting your service and then the login button. If you are having trouble doing that, please see the tutorial named "How to Login to cPanel".

Now that you are in cPanel scroll down to the Domains section and click on the Addon Domains link (as shown in the image at the top of this tutorial). This takes you to the Addon screen. In the first box enter the new domain name, you do not need the 'www' just the domain (example: Once you have filled the domain name in you will see in the next box, the next two fields named Subdomain and Document Root is automatically entered in for you based on your domain name. We recommend keeping these as they are but if you know what you are doing feel free to adjust these to meet your needs.

You will see a checkbox named 'Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain.', this opens up new options to allow you to create a dedicated FTP account just for this domain. This is useful if you want to provide FTP logins for this new Addon domain and only this domain. The FTP account would be limited to just this domains Document Root folder.

When ready click the 'Add Domain' button which will take you to the verifies screen which will confirm that your new Addon domain has been created.

Example Usage

If you entered the domain '' and left all fields with the automated updated values you should be able to see in your file manager or FTP that a new folder was created named '' in the root of your account.

Removing the Addon Domain

To remove an Addon domain, in the Modify Addon Domain section find the Remove button. Click the button, and it will take you to a confirmation screen. Click Yes, and the domain has been removed, as well as any FTP account created for it. Click HOME and return to the main page of your cPanel.

If you have any issues or questions about adding an Addon Domain to cPanel please contact a member of our support team.

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