Differences between IMAP, POP3 and SMTP

SMTP is an abbreviation that stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. This protocol allows applications to transmit email messages over the Internet. Basically, SMTP handles your outgoing mail. Your email application connects to your mail server via SMTP and sends the messages.

The IMAP abbreviation stands for Internet Message Access Protocol and is one of the two most popular protocols for receiving email messages from the Internet (the other one is POP3). The main benefit of the IMAP protocol is that you can receive your email on more than one computer because once the message is received it remains on the email server.

POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol revision 3. This protocol handles the receiving of email messages from your mail server. It is important to know that if you access your email account via POP3, once your messages are download to your local computer, they are removed from the server. This makes it impractical if you would like to read your email on more than one place/computer.
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